Alejandro Fernández, whose real name is Alejandro Fernández Abarca, born in Mexico 1974 is a singer and son of the famous Mexican singer Vicente Fernández. Before becoming an international pop singer, Alejandro was a folk singer who sang the mariachi and ranchera. 

His first contact with the public and music was back in 1976, when he appeared in one of his father's concert. Although he managed to get on the stage, he felt insecure, forgot the lyrics, cried and had a panic attack, his father got on stage and helped him sing ''Alejandra'' - the song he was meant to sing. 

Alejandro debuted the homonymous album by Sonic Music label. Soon after the release, the Mexican pop singer toured Mexico and United States. In 1993, a professional and secure Alejandro sang with his father on the Palacio de los Desportes, in Mexico city.  

A year later he released his second album "Grandes Exitos A La Manera De Alejandro Fernández", in this artwork, he included recordings of famous Mexican composers such as Armando Manzanero, Luiz Demetrio and Agústin Lara.  That album earned him at the 9th Lo Nuestro Awards, a nomination for Regional Mexican Male Performer of the Year. Since 1992, Alejandro Fernández released 15 studio albums and 6 live albums, being the latest one recorded live named ''Confidencia Reales''. Alejandro has five children from two different mothers, including his ex-wife América Guinart.