Alicia Keys is a singer, record producer, songwriter and actress, born in 1981 in New York, United States. Alicia Keys started being involved with music at an early childhood age attending dance and music classes. At the age 7, she was already studying classical piano playing ''Mozart'', ''Beethoven'' and ''Chopin''. When Alicia was 12 years old, she was accepted in the Professional Performing Arts School in New York City, majored in choir. She started writing her first songs at 14 years old and graduated at 16. 

Keys' ''Songs in A Minor'' debut album was recorded with J Records achieced a considerable commercial success which sold 12 million copies worldwide, making her the best-selling R&B artist of the year 2001 earning her 5 Grammy Awards a year later. Alicia released her second album in 2003 called ''The Diary of Alicia Keys'' following another huge success worldwide selling 7 million copies. Her third album was released in 2007 named ''As I Am'' and the fourth album ''The Element of Freedom'' (2009) was the artist's first album with no major success, unlike the previous ones, although it had a positive critical reception.

The ''Girl on Fire'' album, released in 2012, wasn't a good commercial success as well, due to internet piracy and the new way the fans listen to music tech-wise.  Unlike the album performance on the charts, the ''Girl on Fire'' track hit the Top 10 Charts throughout the world and it still plays on radio stations to this day. Alicia keys is married to the hip hop Swizz Beatz and they have a child together. She's currently working on her next album and expects to release it in 2016.