The runner-up of the Swedish Idol 2007, Amanda Jenssen, is a Swedish singer born on 1988 as Jenny Amanda Katarina Jenssen. Amanda Jenssen auditioned for the Idol 2007 show on TV4 and, a year later, after finished second in the singing competition, she released her first album, becoming one of the best-selling albums in Sweden that year.  She lost to Mario Picasso, but received 48.7% of votes.


She began her career as the lead singer in the Swedish band Oh Hollie Neverdays, in which they wrote their own songs, they won competition ''Musik Direkt'' and as a reward, they toured Gambia on 2007. She was a member of the band Amanda and the Papas specialized in doing cover songs.

Amanda released her first single ''Do You Love Me'' on January 2008, the second single came out in April of the same year called ''Amarula Tree''. Her debut album ''Killing My Darlings'' was one of the best-selling albums of 2008.  

On 2009, after touring, she went back to the studio to work on the second album, ''Happyland'', the homonymous single hit number 3 on the Swedish top charts. The album received the Gold status for being a commercial success on the first week. Amanda is a winner of two Grammy's  from 2010, as Artist and Female Artist of the Year. ‘’Hymms for the Haunted’’ came out on 2012 and ‘’Sånger från ön’’ on 2015, both albums held the label Sony Music Entertainment.