Amy Jade Winehouse, also known by the stage name Amy Winehouse, was an English singer and songwriter born in 1983 living until 2011 when she passed away at the age of 27. Amy Winehouse’s first contact with music started when she was a child. She used to play with her brother's guitar and bought her own instrument when she turned 14, and begun writing her own songs about a year later.


Amy's debut album, ''Frank'', released in 2003 brought musical genres like Jazz, Soul music, R&B and revealed her deep contralto vocal extension. The album was a critical success in UK, which it was nominated for the Mercury Prize. The second album ''Back to Black'' released in 2006, was a huge success and earned Amy Winehouse 5 Grammy Awards in 2008. 

Although all the musical success in her career, Amy struggled with substance abuse and mental illness. The excessive drinking, heavy heroin, cocaine and other drugs, caught the public attention in 2005, after noticing weight loss. Amy's family said that the major influence that drove the singer into drug addiction was her grandmother's death in 2006. Amy revealed that she had eating disorders, depression and self-harm contributed to the addiction. The singer's entered in a rehab program in 2008, but due to her behavior afterwards, it was considered unsuccessful. Amy Winehouse died in 2011, caused by alcohol intoxication.