Ariana Grande is a teen Pop star singer and actress from the United States - she was born in 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida. The Popstar started her career in the Broadway musical called 13 and right afterwards, she debuted on the television on the Nickelodeon series ''Victorious'' aired in 2009 and cancelled 4 seasons later. 

Her actual musical career began when she participated on the soundtrack Music From Victorious, released in 2011. Ariana's first solo album debuted in 2013 with the tittle: ''Yours Truly'' hitting the number one on the United States Billobard Top 2013 Chart. The most successful track was ''The Way'' that reached the Top 10 on Billboard Hot 10. 

Her second album ‘’My Everything’’, released in 2014, followed the first one’s success reaching number one in US and worldwide.  The major hits were ‘’Problem’’, Break Free ‘’, ‘’Bang Bang’’ and ‘’Love Me Harder’’ were responsible for leaving the singer for continuous weeks in the Billboard Hot 10 having her the artist with the most singles on the Top 10, in 2014.

Although Ariana Grande’s career has just begun, compared to other artists, she has been highly successful and critically acclaimed worldwide. Ariana has just released the lead single ‘’Dangerous Woman’’ from her third album that has yet to be released.  Ariana Grande supports the LGBT community.