3 Easy Ways To Mix&Match

The brave Mix & Match technique is a great way to spice up your appearance and experiment with your clothing items, while creating new and inspiring outfits, but it isn’t always that easy to pull off such a daring look. With our three simple and exciting ideas inspired by fashion bloggers and supermodels, you will master the mix & match technique!


  1. Casual & Elegant
    Mix together the benefits of feeling comfortable and super elegant at the same time! Choose an oversized T-shirt or shirt and pair it with a high-waisted pencil skirt or with double-breasted, masculine blazers and coats. While the T-shirt will guarantee a casual vibe to your outfit, the more formal clothing items will add a very elegant, clean and sharp edge to the look. To make things even more interesting, choose a colorful bag and heels to match your outfit!

    TLC Makeup Tip: Wear minimal eye makeup & bold lips with this outfit!


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  1. Sultry & Cute
    If you are looking for something to tone down the sexiness of a silk & lace top, go for a pastel midi or tulle skirt, which will help you balance out your look and create something effortlessly feminine. Playing with the different materials and designs is always a great way to show the various styling options for a clothing item, not to mention it makes your wardrobe more exciting.

TLC Makeup Tip: Wear pink lips and doll lashes with this outfit!

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  1. Floral & Striped
    For our braver readers, mixing different patterns is a great idea to create effortlessly fun and interesting outfit. To keep this trend still elegant and not too much for an everyday outfit, choose neutral colors (such as beige, black, white, grey and pastel pink) and classic fabrics like stripes, polka dots and floral print, and don’t mix together more than three patterns.

TLC Makeup Tip: Go for the “no-makeup” makeup look to keep the focus on the fun prints and patterns!


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