4 Must-Have Eye Shadow Palettes

Eye shadow palettes are definitely must-have items for women: these practical, small compacts full of gorgeous, strongly pigmented shadows will help you out in any situation, whether you are trying to go for a no-makeup or a more dramatic makeup look.

Everyday Naturals
If you prefer the natural makeup look and looking for something that works with every skintone and helps you create a warm and glowing eye makeup, YSL has the palette for you! In this palette, you can find a total of 10 very natural shades, both matte and satin finish.
Especially recommended for…
… beginners who are looking for brown-toned, easy to use, but still stunning shades

The shades: finely milled powder colors from ivory to dark, smokey brown, including champagne, matte chestnut and light coffee colors

Possible makeup looks: no-makeup look, glowing look, brown smokey eyes

Dramatic Shades
Dark and sultry smokey eyes with a hint of lightness in the inner corners? Yes please! This small palette comes in handy even if you are heading to a formal event or a party, as this small Giorgio Armani palette can fit in the smallest clutch as well. If these shades aren’t your favourites, make sure to check out the rest of the Armani eyeshadows too, as we carry various shade options.
Especially recommended for…
…women who are fond of dark eye-makeup

The shades: every color that is needed for a classic smokey eye, including white, light and deep grey

Possible makeup looks: smokey eyes, more dramatic everyday makeup look

Romantic Glitters
YSL loves treating makeup-addicts with special palettes, and no wonder why this palette was such a huge success for the brand. Although Valentine’s Day is over, we definitely shouldn’t ditch pretty pinks and shimmery natural colors – and this palette luckily gives us the option to create endless looks and play with these shades.
Especially recommended for…
…the feminine and romantic women who love to show a bit of elegance in their makeup as well
The shades: a beautiful variation of browns and lilac pinks with a hint of shimmer

Possible makeup looks: pale pink eye makeup, smokey natural and pink eye makeup

The Pro Palette
The Dior Kingdom of Colours palette contains every possible must-have shades, including breathtaking, long-lasting lip colors to complement your eye look. Whether you are preparing for a night out or just looking for a quick makeup-fix, this practical palette will definitely help you out. Besides the regular colors, there are only various unique shades as well, which come in handy while traveling
Especially recommended for…
… makeup-addicts who love to experiment with colors.

The Shades: Glossy reds and pinks with a mix of dramatic dark and vivid shades, such as glittery turquoise

Possible makeup looks: colorful smokey eyes, natural eye makeup, ombre eyes with glossy eyes