4 Reasons We Are In Love With Bold High Heels

High heels with vibrant colors, daring designs and crazy patterns are just as important parts of a woman's closet as the basic black and nude heels...but why bold heels must-have items? Keep on reading!


  1. They are classy and modern at the same time
    We can never go wrong with a pair of heels: they instantly class up our appearance and make our legs longer and slimmer, not to mention they have become such cult classics over time. The new, creative generation of heels still have that elegance and class with a more modern and stylish edge.


  1. They are the perfect accessories for a simple look
    If you are looking for something to make your outfit more outstanding, but you are not really obsessed with big statement jewelry, these shoes are the perfect options for you. Whether you decide to go with sultry lace-up heels or a fun, flamingo-inspired Sophia Webster pair, having a stylish and chic outfit is guaranteed!

  2. They give us confidence
    Pulling off a crazy pair of heels requires extra self-confidence, and this is exactly what these shoes give us! The feminine shilouette with the gorgeous designs can make everyone feel super chic and special, even if they are wearing it with a comfortable shirt dress or a basic T-shirt and boyfriend jeans combination.


  1. We rarely see anyone else wearing them
    Black pumps are great, but we meet at least ten other very similar pairs everyday on the streets - well, this isn't really the case with a Sophia Webster, Valentino or Givenchy piece. These daring designs were created for edgy and similarly brave women who are not afraid to experiment with fashion, find their own style and wear what they would like to...and this is an approach we would like to emphasize as well in TLC Sweden.




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