Designer Spotlight: Chloé

At TL Sweden, we are extremely proud to showcase the most popular and unique fashion designers to our audience - and to help you learn even more about your favourite designers' backgrounds, history and  fashion inspiration, we created Designer Sportlight, a weekly series, where the focus is only one one brand, from the very beginnings to outfit tips and favourite clothing items.

The Short History of Chloé:

Chloé’s history goes back to 1952, when Gaby Aghion founded the brand with the aim to create a new concept in the fashion world – mixing luxury with affordable prices. From the early stage of Chloé, the brand had a very clear vision of clean, feminine designs that offers the buyers elegance and classiness without the haute couture prices. The brand started selling soft, high-quality clothing items, each with a unique touch, and the expression of pret-a-porter was born. After Aghion passed away 2 years ago, Geoffroy de la Bourdonnaye took over the company and continued to create the timeless Chloé designs we all know and love today.

Why do we love this brand?

Because of its rich history and design aesthetic, clothing items created by Chloé represent the power of fashion with an elegant and youthful twist on them. Although the brand’s most important values are femininity and simplicity, they are constantly opening to a younger audience as well, for example with their new campaign, Chloé Girls. Besides the absolutely breathtaking clothing, Chloé stands out with its vision as it was the first fashion company in the 1950’s which rejected the strict “rules” and formalities of fashion, which was later followed by the biggest fashion brands, including Givenchy, Versace and Louis Vuitton.

Our Favourite Pieces:

Cashmere Iconic Coat
The mixture of black and white with the geometric lines create a very minimalist feel to this luxurious cashmere coat, not to mention it can be basically worn with anything from high-waisted jeans to cocktail dresses.

Black Studded Suzanna Boots                  - 
These gorgeous Suzanna boots got Hollywood under the spell of edgy fashion: celebrities like Cara Delevgine, Lily Aldridge and Beyoncé started rocking this style, and we can absolutely understand why they were so obsessed with it!

Mini Georgia Bag
The Mini Georgia bag doesn’t come in a more special color than this deep, warm purple. With its timeless design, this bag can become a statement piece in anyone’s wardrobe and can add a bit of elegance to both your everyday and formal style.

Wear head-to-toe Chloé...

...for busy everydays

Checked Trousers, Black Blouse

...for special occasions

Black Dress, Pink Mini Elsie Bag