Designer Wishlist - Romantic Edition

Whether you adore or are just fed up with the upcoming Valentine’s Day, deep down you probably can’t resist feminine designs, vintage inspired fabrics and pretty pastel shades – don’t worry, we can’t either. Get into the romantic season of the year and surprise your significant other, best friend, sister, mother or even yourself with our top Valentine’s Day inspired choices!


Dolce & Gabbana Black Silk Camisole
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Every design Dolce & Gabbana creates reminds us of the gorgeous, Italian lifestyle: red sunsets, great wines, floral perfumes, and this sultry, black silk top gives us major romantic, dramatic vibes besides the Mediterranean style. Lace and silk lingerie-like tops and dresses made a huge comeback in early 2015, and they just don’t seem to go out of style anytime soon – and what better opportunity to show off a top like that than Valentine’s day? 

Rock it with…
Pink, high waisted trousers and a baby blue leather jacket




Erdem Multicolor Vinyl Charlotta Trench Coat
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The creative designers of Erdem brought us to the floral Wonderland with one stunning, flowery and colorful pattern. While this trench coat represents the traditional design, it incorporates a breathtaking, almost surrealist flower garden design which adapts to any skin and hair color. Because of its modern material, it also shows a little skin, but still keeps the whole outfit very romantic and vintage inspired.

Rock it with...
...a metallic midi skirt and a white turtleneck!


Emilio Pucci Pink Cotton Coat
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An oversized „cotton-candy” coat is a must have item in every woman’s closet: it is a very versatile piece which can be worn throughout the winter and spring with almost every colour from similar pastel shades to dark burgundy, emerald green and black, and it instantly creates a modern and girly edge. What makes this coat special is the bold elements such as the structured shoulders and black pattern combined with the pretty, classic pink color.

Rock it with…
… sturdy leather or velvet pants and a silk blouse!



Dolly by Le Petit Tom – Audrey Hepburn Pettiskirt
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Who could forget the classic Dolly tulle skirts? These skirts recreated the meaning of feminine, and with its black color, the Audrey Hepburn Black Pettiskirt subverted the typical fluffy skirt and made it elegant and bold at the same time. Although it is neither something that can be worn for an everyday situation nor an easy clothing item to pull off and style, we are still craving for one so we could experiment and have fun with it!

Rock it with…
… a bronze crop top or an olive blazer!