Quality over Quantity

Whether you would like to refresh your wardrobe or start from scratch, these ideas from our team will surely help you find the right statement pieces for your style while staying classy and elegant.


  1. Quality over Quantity
    The first and most important aspect while shopping is to go for the high-quality pieces – these clothing items not only have a type of timeless class that will never go out of style, but they will be there for you for ages as well because of the materials and fabrics they are made of. You don’t have to be a millionaire or rob a bank to afford these items: if you spare buying some of the cheaper, but poor quality clothing items and focus on quality instead of quantity, you will slowly build a larger wardrobe.

Our choices:

Burberry Coat, Givenchy Dress


  1. Natural colors
    The easiest way to build up a whole new closet is to start with basic, variable colors that you can always grab out of your closet anytime of the day. Choose both light shades such as champagne,  white, blush, pastel pink, mint and sand, and dark colors, for example black, burgundy, dark and royal blue and deep brown. After having these basic colors that can be easily matched together in endless ways and can be worn to almost any event, you can easily add more fun and color to your closet with vivid pieces and brave patterns.

Our choices: Versus Dress, Balmain Dress


  1. Timeless designs

        A basic turtle neck, a blazer, a trench coat, a blouse, a pencil and midi skirt and comfortable jeans               that look perfect on you…with these designs, you are almost ready for any occasion. Of course,                   everyone loves unique and creative pieces that spice up the appearance, but without the basic pieces,         it can be quite difficult to pull off a more bold clothing item – but once you own these simple, but                 important clothing items in your wardrobe, you will be ready to get dressed for any event.

Our Choices: Balmain Shirt, Versace Skirt


4. Clever ​Accessories
        Accessories are just as important parts of your closet as clothes: you can dress up or dress down any         outfit you choose with the right choice of bags, shoes and jewelry. Besides the regular, minimalist               pieces, mix up your closet and go for a bit crazier statement pieces that can turn a look from elegant           into bold.

Our choices: Burberry Bag, Badgley Mischka Heels


  1. Breaking the rules
    It is always important to emphasize the importance of everyone’s personal style and that these tips aren’t golden rules – they are just simple advices from fashion enthusiasts that might help you out, but we always encourage our readers to play with their clothes, try out new fabrics, designs, colors and patterns and think outside of the box when it comes to fashion!

Our choices: Valentino Dress, Bex Rox Pendant